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Here we have collected watches which look like a work of art or a hand-made painting: each dial decorates its own world, each...
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A collection of already made vintage watches in stock. All watches have passed a recasing and repassage. Choose a watch from this collection...
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Shown here are the Regulators - sophisticated antique movements of Omega and other brands. Our craftsmen transfer the hour hand to a separate,...
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Incredibly stylish, high quality and stunning premium watches from "Rolex". All “Rolex” movements are assigned the “A” accuracy class, like marine chronometers. All...
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Branded models of watches with a nice discount, which passed maintenance and recasing, you can buy as well.
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Skeletons are pieces of watchmaking art. This is a watch with an open mechanism, the movement of which can be seen from the...
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A watch with a movement from the mid 80s of the last century, the Cold War and disco era. The collection includes watches...
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