Antique watches require careful handling, no doubt about that. Any repair is quite pricy, requiring replacement not of standard parts (like in modern watches), but hand-made identical or fitting a similar part.

The best operating mode for an antique watch is to give it a full wind in the morning so that they work more stably at a full spring during the day; several winds in the evening, and leave it on face up the table with for the night. This mode allows to achieve normal accuracy.


1) Do not beat nor drop your antique watch, repair is usually very expensive.

2) Waterproof watches were not produced until the middle of the 20th century, so any old watch fear water and moisture.

3) Anyhow, if your watch gets wet, urgently open all the covers, hot blow dry with a hairdryer and bring it to the clockmaker. Rust is mechanism's archenemy.

4) Do not expect high precision from an old watch - an error of 2 ... 4 minutes per day is already a good result, 1 minute is an ideal case.

5) Do not screw the crown up to the end, the old metal may burst.

6) While wearing, it is best to wind up your watch every day in the morning, wind a bit in the evening, and then leave it watch face up on the table

7) It is not allowed to counterclockwise turn hands in a watch with calendar or repeater, likewise it is not recommended for a regular watch.

8) Mainly you should put the watch forward, but even if you put it back, then do it carefully and not for a long time.

9) Do not make sudden movements - do not turn the hands sharply, do not swing the pendulum sharply, do not press the buttons sharply, etc.

10) Every 2-3 years, the clock must be maintained and lubricated.

11) Do not leave the watch run for a long time if the mechanism is dirty, because the axes in the stones will scratch and grind with dust and frozen oil.

12) You should treat the case and glass with suede or a soft cloth that does not leave fibers.

13) Strong magnetic fields can significantly impair the stability of the rate and watch accuracy.

14) Most types of dials coverings do not tolerate grease and aggressive environments, never touch the dial.

15) If the watch has broken or does not run well, it is recommended to repair it with experienced watchmakers - antique watches experts. Most conventional warranty services are just trained to replace parts with new ones, and it is almost impossible to find a 100% suitable part for an old watch. Thus, a part has to be restored, customized or a new one should be produced.

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