Warranty and service.

The “Patina Original Co” workshop provides an international guarantee for all watches produced in our workshop.


The warranty covers defects (product malfunctions) arising from the fault of the manufacturer. Replacement and repair of defective parts is free of charge.
After the general (complete) repair of the mechanism in the workshop of “Patina Original Co”, the total warranty period does not increase.

The warranty does not apply to the strap (bracelet) of the product, the coating of the case and bracelet of the product, the fastener of the strap (bracelet) of the product, dropped stones and other decorative elements, as well as to internal and external damages caused by:

1. Violation of the operating rules. The consequence of such actions are traces of impacts and mechanical damage - dents on the case and mechanism, notches, bounced hands, risks, numbers, absence or deformation of the crown of the watch and others.

2. Unauthorized opening or repair at unauthorized service centers. The consequence of such actions is a disassembled watch, a mechanism or its individual units, loose screws and other signs of third-party interference.

3. By mechanical action, shock or vibration loads, the use of force to parts of the product. The consequences of such an impact are: broken or dropped glass, cracks, chips, scratches, scuffing of surfaces, deformation of materials and parts, a broken or bent axis of the crown, torn off bracelet ears, etc.

4. Water, other liquids, aggressive chemicals, manifested by stains, plaque, corrosion.

4. Penetration of foreign objects, substances or insects into the product.

5. Force majeure actions - fire, accident, malfunction of the electrical network, etc.

6. Exposure to high temperatures.

7. Sending hours to the service center and back, by the actions of postal service employees or transport companies.

8. We are not responsible for delivery not courier delivery service.

If the master detects damage specified in any of the items on this list, the warranty is void. The client is informed about this verbally or in writing.

Warranty service does not include a call to the master and is carried out remotely by delivering the watch to the master and owner. The cost of delivering hours to the service shop and vice versa is not included in the cost of warranty repairs and is paid by the buyer additionally, at the rates of mail or transport companies.

Warranty repairs can last up to 6 months, as it is necessary to find a suitable donor mechanism. If repairs continue for more than 6 months, the workshop may offer a replacement watch.
The warranty repair period is calculated from the moment the watch is delivered to the service center.

This set of rules does not provide for a refund for hours. Only exchange for other watches is possible without a refund.

The warranty - 12 months.
The warranty period begins on the day the buyer pays for the watch.
Warranty service is performed in the service center “Patina Original Co”.

Respectfully your watch workshop Patina Original Co.

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