“Drive” - a perforated, single-layer strap made of Italian leather. Rr: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 mm.



A single-layer, durable hand-sewn strap sewn along the edge with waxed thread.
Soft, elastic, hypoallergenic: made of designer Italian vegetable-tanned leather, the edges are polished and treated with natural gum.

“Drive” is perforated and made in sports style. The shape of the strap is straight or conical (tapers from fasteners to the end and buckle).
The surface texture is a natural grain pattern treated with wax for gloss and protection against wear, moisture, dust.
Durable stainless steel buckle.
You can choose: skin color, thread color, size.

Standard sizes:
Lengths are 125 and 70 mm.
Thickness - 2.8-3.2 mm.
Conical Band Width:
- 20 mm near the fasteners, tapers to 16 mm towards the buckle;
- 21 mm near the mounts, tapers to 18 mm towards the buckle;
- 22 mm near the mounts, tapers to 18 mm towards the buckle;
- 23 mm near the mounts, tapers to 20 mm towards the buckle;
- 24 mm near the fasteners, tapers to 20 mm in the direction of the buckle.
Straight Band Width:
- 20 mm along the entire length;
- 22 mm over the entire length;
- 24 mm over the entire length.

Dark Brown - Dark Brown
Light Brown - Light Brown
Saddle Tan - tan cognac
Mahogany - “mahogany” (red brown)
Royal Blue - Royal Blue (Bright Blue)
Black - black
Red - red
Yellow - yellow
Green - Green
Walnut - walnut
English Bridle - Red
Golden Brown - Caramel Brown
Show Brown - Dark Nut
Spanish Brown - Copper Brown
Dark Chocolate - Dark Chocolate
Chocolate - Chocolate

There is embossed leather, execution with the effect of “antique” (decorative patination), selection of size, skin color and thread to your taste is possible.

We accept orders for the manufacture of straps according to your sketches or old designs.

State mail from 650 rubles, 10-30 days.
Express delivery service 2500 rubles, 5-14 days.

The production time of the strap is up to 7 calendar days.

Price: 65$