Green Rolex Skeleton mechanical watch Swiss early 20th century (movement)



We begin to collect the project upon payment. The term of release may take from 1 to 4 months. Due to the complexity of finding a mechanism of better quality and condition. Due to the fact that the mechanisms have different confining, there may be such differences when ordering:
1. The "second hand" dial can be located at around 6 o'clock, or at 9 o'clock.
2. The arrows may differ (color, shape, style).
3. Plant crown (shape)
4. The year of the mechanism may differ, and its appearance, but this will be 100% the company you bought. We do not attach pictures of the mechanism for this reason.
5. Maybe not much different shade of colors on the dial.
6. We always make a unique product, and we can not repeat at 100% design.

Type: pocket watch converted into wristwatch
Brand: ROLEX 
Model: HULK
Country movement of origin: Swiss
Production year: early 20th century (movement)
Movement: original pocket Mechanical
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
Case: (custom Patina Original)
Skeleton: (custom Patina Original)
Mounting Type: strap
Strap width: 22mm
Dial: new (custom Patina Original)
Dial color: green
Glass: mineral
Case diameter without crown: 48mm