USSR mechanical watch art painting Bird 1980s

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Tags: Artistic painting of the watch dial.



Pre-order production time takes from 2 days to 2 weeks. 

Mechanical watches of the USSR. Model: bird 

Country of origin: USSR. 
Year of issue: 1980s. 
Mechanism: original, mechanical. 
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, 
case: original. 
Strap width: 22 mm. 
Dial: art painting. 
Glass: mineral. 
Indexing: hour markers. 
Case diameter without crown: 45 mm. 
Case thickness: 10mm 
Body material: metal 
course: 24 hours 0957 

330 $

Here we have collected watches which look like a work of art or a hand-made painting: each dial decorates its own world, each has its own atmosphere. The image is applied by using the method of artistic hand painting. Themed painting, with a wide variety of subjects - characters from books, films, video games, hobbies or professions, landscapes or abstraction, funny scenes or symbols.