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Patina Original - Jewelry studio.

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A common question for any person. We will provide: A unique item with its own story, which is ready for daily use. Handiwork design of watch. 100% working product. The unique design, all the work is done by specialists, and the 100% identical watch cannot be founded. We working in main areas, which you can see below. Skeletonization of antique watches, and their transformation into an artwork. And our new direction is Filigree Hand Painting around the entire perimeter of the dial. An elegant painting on your wristwatches. All models of the collection have a warranty, and support on any issues for the long term. We have a closed-type showroom In Kiev, you can see and listen the sound (ticking) of hundreds of watches which are being checked or are being prepared for shipping. We are working following to all the rules of the buyer + seller.

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